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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

3 Resources to Use When Caring for Aging Seniors During National Elder Law Month

May is National Elder Law Month. Did you know that by the year 2030, all of the baby boomers will have reached the age of 65? With a burgeoning senior population, National Elder Law Month can be a great time to consider ways to care for aging seniors. This may not be a one-person job. Community resources can be an incredibly important asset to assist with the care of our aging population. Have you looked into the community resources in your area? Let us review three community resources you can utilize when caring for an aging senior.

1. Senior center, park districts, and the library. These three places typically offer many wonderful programs for community seniors. The community senior center may offer classes, ranging from ceramics, to jewelry making, to a second language or even lectures on a range of topics. They also often have a wealth of resources on topics of interest to seniors, including but not limited to, tax preparation and estate planning. Many will offer preventative health care ranging from blood pressure screenings to holding immunization clinics. Perhaps, most importantly, when a senior regularly participates in the programs offered by these community resources, he or she can reap the benefits of the socialization and have the opportunity to make friends, who can be seen on a regular basis.       

2. Assisted living or senior living communities. These two are often an untapped community resource, as many people draw the incorrect conclusion that a senior must live in one of these facilities to benefit from their offerings. Most assisted-living and senior living communities, however, offer classes, lectures, and social events, which anyone from the community may be welcome to register for and participate in. Not only will the seniors benefit from these programs, but it may also bring the benefits of living in one of these communities to light.

3.Local Elder Law Attorney. Seniors face unique sets of legal challenges. While it would be great if seniors did not have to worry about things, such as financial issues, concerns can accumulate in the senior years. It may often be necessary for seniors to deal with Medicare issues, conduct Medicaid planning, or even determine eligibility for other benefits. A qualified, local elder law attorney can provide information and legal support, as well as answer questions.

Between our individual efforts and the wealth of community resources available, it can definitely be possible to keep the golden in the golden years. For assistance with elder law issues, our office is here to help. Please reach out to us and schedule an appointment.   

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