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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Three Reasons To Consider Including A Pet Trust In Your Estate Plan

There may be many frequently discussed components of estate plans, including the division of assets from your home, to your bank accounts, to family heirlooms and of course, for the parents of minor children, designation of a guardian and assets for the children. Have you considered, however, how your four-legged or other beloved pets will be provided for? Let us discuss three reasons to consider a pet trust in your estate plan.

1. A pet trust can help  prevent your pet from being placed in a shelter. Unfortunately, when the disposition of a pet is not provided for in the owner’s estate plan, the pet may end up in a shelter with an unknown future. By creating a pet trust, as the owner, you can provide that your pet’s care be entrusted to a friend or family member, who has agreed to become your pet’s new owner, or you can designate a caretaker to be overseen by the trustee of your estate. Via the trust, you can provide them a lump sum payment for the estimated cost of caring for your pet for the remainder of your pet’s life, or the trustee of your estate can make disbursements from your trust for the care of your pet.

2. A pet trust can help assure your pet’s routine and level of care are maintained. Pets can be family members and anyone who has one knows that many of our pets receive and deserve special treatment. A pet trust can specifically set forth any elements of your pet’s care, including veterinary care, food, treats, walks, where your pet is boarded, and any other special instructions, which you specify.

3. A pet trust can reimburse your pet’s new caretaker for the cost of caring for them. In addition to covering the cost of your pet’s care, if you like, the trust can provide your pet’s new caretaker with some level of compensation for agreeing to care for your pet. 

When you think about it, it makes sense that your pet, as a member of your family, becomes part of your estate plan. Our office can help you establish a pet trust. Please reach out to us to schedule a meeting time.

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